I know its a day late, but for those in Nigeria who have 2 days off. It's still on point.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Sallah. May Allah accept all our fasts and prayers.

All those in Nigeria are the ones enjoying o.
2 Days off!!
Thats what you call a country.
Other people may say that we are a lazy country, but to be honest, its for the appreciation of the fact that not everyone is a christian or atheist or ogun worshipper. I bet some states declare public holidays for appeasing their gods (dont quote me but I wont be surprised if it happens). Talk less of a place like the UK, that claims it is multi cultural, cannot think to give one day as a bank Holiday for this Eid or any Eid for that matter!!!

Anyways, I had to squeeze all my celebrations into one lousy sunday, whilst y'all get 3 days to do that!
I'm not hating. Dont worry.

One thing that annoys me though, is how, its only muslims that obviously remember to wish other muslims a happy Eid. I actually take offence, especially when people I call 'close' friends dont take the initiative to do so. Only one person actually said Happy Eid to me yesterday and that person, I dont even know well. I think these sorts of things are taken for granted. I know at Easter or Christmas, I try to at least send a general message to everyone, cos muslims dont celebrate those. Its just courtesy and an appreciation of the way of life of the person you call a friend or workmate or whatever. I swear my boss didnt even know what Eid was, let alone think to give me the day off, regardless of if it was a weekend or not.

It just goes to show how 'unconcerned' we are about the next person.
Its not acceptable.

A rant for a monday afternoon!!
PS: I'm not asking for an 'Eid Mubarak' now that I've talked about it, there is no point. Save it till next year and when you do remember, please say it to your muslim friends. Trust me the thought goes a long way.

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chayoma said...


NaijaBabe said...

Lol Chayoma, you never let me down.
But its true naw, abi?

Invisible said...

Naija and their 3 day weekends.
As for wishing you happy Eid. Personally and don't take this offensively but I never known which is which. Is this the same as Sallah or Ramadan or Ileya??

Happy Eid though. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

NaijaBabe said...

All muslim holidays are called Eid, but with a suffix to denote which one it is or a general name Sallah

Ramadan is the month muslims fast, its for 30 days and Eid-il-Fitr is the day after Ramadan ends. The 1st of the following month

Eid-il-Kabir is 'ileya' where the cow/ram is killed

TRYBES said...

Wish i had the luxury of days on end for an holiday..*sigh*

sunnyside said...

I love these muslim holidays. It comes in handy u know. . . .
Happy Eid.

Lyrics said...

Happy Eid. I wish i had somehow remembered to say this before.

Lyrics said...

Happy Eid. I wish i had somehow remembered to say this before.

chayoma said...

for sure.
i gat ur back oh!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie, those two days off in Nigeria are fun!

Although the UK says it is multi-cultural i.e. accepting of all faiths and traditions, essentially the country's main beleif is Christianity.

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Esraa Abbas said...


omar ali said...

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