We are the world

''We are the children''

So goes the lyrics to Michael and Lionel's song. Recently it's been used by various artists to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. An equally touching version was done by 57 YouTube artists. I must say I commend their efforts.

This got me thinking about the various stories I'd heard regarding this Earthquake and also our efforts as fellow humans to help others.

Firstly on the earthquake. Many have said God has forsaken the Haitians, there's so much voodoo and other unGodly acts going on there that He feels the need to wipe out their existence. I won't preach what I don't know but I'm sure we all have our views in these utterances and the religious ones amongst us know not to question God in His decisions whether this particular one is His or not.

The non religious approach would seek to ask why there is a settlement is an natural disaster prone area? What would then be the decision? For them to move? Would we then ask the millions of Japanese or Indonesians to move as well? Where would they move to? It's totally out of the question. But should we help the Hatians bring their nation back to it's feet, only to have it in a rubble within sixty seconds by the powers of the almighty natural disasters? Or help them survive these trying times.

It's a sad sad story. Please let us do what we can to help them

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