I lied...

....Once or maybe just half of one

1. My first kiss came just before I turned 21.
Just about 4 weeks before, and he wasnt even my boyfriend!

2. I can bend my forefinger backwards to touch the back of my hand.
I soooooo can and I would have put up a picture to prove it, only that people will cringe and never visit my blog again, for fear of seeing things that will make them pass out.

3. I play the keyboard.
I wish I did...I know the keys and all, plus I can manage to play something if I know the tonic solfa, but then it might start to sound like something from a scratched CD so, I wont even try.

Not one....But Two!!

Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who gave their support in the last few posts. I do appreciate all your help and kind words.

Now to business. I shall make this as random as I can cos I cant stand this tagging thing...I usually have to rack my brain to answer them, so KOE and Incog, thank you very much for putting me through this.

Plus, If I tag you and you've done this before, then I guess...well I dont know sha.

First one.

1. You have to tell us 3 things about you, 2 truths and 1 lie

2. Link the person who tagged you.

3. Mention the rules in your blog.

4. Leave a comment on the blogs of those you have tagged

5. Tag 6 following bloggers, link them.

1. My first kiss came just before I turned 21.
2. I can bend my forefinger backwards to touch the back of my hand
3. I play the keyboard.

The other.

Where's ur cell phone?
Under my pillow.

Where's ur significant other?
Somewhere I guess

Your hair colour?
I kid...black

Your mother?
I miss her to bits

Your father?
I'll get back to you.

Your favorite things:
I dont know.

Your dream last night?
Mizheif rand me up to talk about the 'shells' in my project.

Your dream goal?
Do I have one? I take life as it comes.

The room you're in?
My bedroom...I live in it.

Your hobby?
I love music...listen and dance!

where u wanna be in six years?

Where were you last night?
At a friend's birthday party

What you're not?

One of your wish list items:
Ball Gown

Where you grew up?
Lere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Last thing you did?
Got out of bed.

What are you wearing?

Your pet:

Your computer?
Needs to be replaced.

Your mood:

Your car?

Something you're not wearing?
Shoes amongst others...shush you!

Favorite store?

Your summer?

Love someone?
Love people more like

Your favorite colour?
No Brown..
Black maybe

Last time you laughed?
Last Night

Last time you cried?
Almost every night these days.

Are you a bitch?
I hope not...but then again Hell No!!!

Favorite pastime:
Lie in bed...daydream just before falling asleep.

Hater or lover:
Lover...who would claim the other?

Genuine or fake:
Once again, would you claim to be fake?

Any vices?

Pro life or wire hanger:
I dont know o

Mccain or Obama:
Damn right Obama, who's the other guy?

Pro-plastic or natural:

Dream job?
Mothering my children

Now the VICTIMS...
This is the fun part

Virgos Lounge
Bad Guy
BB The Lawyer

If you've been tagged for one before, means you're being tagged for the other, if not, then both! HAHA!