10 less 2 things...

I hate these things!!

8 Things I look forward to

1. Getting a Job
2. Moving to Naij
3. Graduation
4. Going to a Wedding...Someone PLS GET MARRIED LIKE...NOW!
5. Becoming a size 10...ok maybe 12
6. My hair to GROW!!!
7. Going to Dubai
8. Getting a LIFE!!!

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Things that need to be censored! Lets keep it at that
2. Went to frigging training, that had me in pain for the rest of the night
3. Made that efo...Hmmm dont watch that!
4. Stared at my uni email inbox and wondered how I'd sort out over thousands of emails that I've kept over the last 3 years, before the email address gets shut down
5. Burnt the dodo, which was unripe anyway, though the skin said otherwise, and so it became extra bitter
6.Came to terms with the fact that a 2.1 is what I'm likely to get! Stupid Lecturers!
7. Realised that most of the places on campus dont open till 9.30...like the frigging cashiers office!
8. Bought my favourite muffin...Banana and walnut; stared at it for hours out of guilt, decided not to eat it, went out, came back....picked it up and quaffed it!

8 Things I wish to do

1. Get married
2. Get published : What I'm publishing, I dont know!
3. Get a Phd: In what, I dont know
4. Go sky diving...it might just stay a wish for a VERY long time!
5. Have lots of kids
7. Get my hair into dreads! Will save me money and time in the long run
8. Get the balls to tell some people to EFF off

8 shows I watch

1. 24...Gatta love Jack- His screaming alone can make you wet your pants, before you finally decide to answer him
2. Prison break: Sob....Why Scofield, why?
3. Desperate housewives
4. Brothers and Sisters
5. Used to watch heroes, till it became pointless
6. Boston Legal- Loveeeeeeeeeeee Denny Crane
7. Entourage.... Ari Gold is the man
8. CSI

8 Bloggers tagged

1. Spesh
2. Incog
3. Mizcheif

PS: I am not getting MARRIED O! E ma koba mi o, but thank you for the good wishes in advance, I shall be sure to let you know when that happens!

I did say, I'd gone old school right?
Lets see if you remember this.

Hi hater, See you later

I didnt have a decent title, pls allow me!!

This is becoming a habit and its sooo bad!!! One would think that now that Im done with Uni, I'd at least put up a decent post once in a while, but no the reverse is the case. I confess though, on some days, Ive just been a total bum, and on others, I've just had other things to do.

Working on some projects...Yay, Im so excited!!!
Life is SLOWLY taking off, but hey...at least its taking off!
So Ive kind of managed to bag that BSc, unofficially, that is....
At least no more exams...till...Well, we'll see about the masters! Till then, no exams.

Meanwhile... I'm excited!!! Yay! I'm getting MARRIED!***

I'm Excited about too many thngs
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!
Im excited!!!!!!!!!

The Gist will come later...
In the mean time...
I have to go and make some Efo: Dunno which to go for...efo riro or egusi...hmm
I see mouths waterinG (CLOSE IT)
I am going to cook till I drop...No eating outdoors!!
I have been slacking on Fatbusters (Sting I am so so sorry)

So graduation is coming up,
Grad ball is coming up,
Birthday is coming up,
Projects are taking off..
(And maybe finally take pff to Las Gidi..who knows)

My post is dismemebered, I know, bear with me. Its how I feel at the moment

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I went on to youtube and I found this...

The embed link was disabled :(

***Believe at your own risk