To ask or not?

I one asked a friend if he'd had his HIV test done recently and just after that, I started to feel bad for a number of reasons but more because, regardless of how close a friend I regarded him as, I still felt like I was forcefully and wrongly invading his privacy.

That brought me to ask, as important as the question is in our dealings with people,is it still treated as a taboo?

Now forget the friends, do people with new partners or people who are about to start new relationships ask each other for their HIV status? Its easy to say there's nothing wrong with it because the basis of a relationship is trust. But I'm sure there are still some who would be scared to ask just so they don't bruise any egos.

Do most people even remember?

Should your trust begin after you're aware of their status or before? So would you ask before you kiss then? Seeing as it can be transmitted if the infected party has an open sore on the lip/ in the mouth?

Same as the sickle cell trait. I know someone who is a sickle cell carrier and makes it a point to ask if the guy (whom she's only just started talking to for about a week or so) is a carrier. Her reason being, she'd rather ask before emotions start to run high. Smart girl you'd say. I'd say that's 'ballsy' too. If he already ticks all other boxes, then that's the next step for her.

Honestly, I couldn't bring myself to do that at that point. Unfortunately, we'd have reached that comfort zone before I can ask and that's usually not the best. I'm not saying I won't, I just can't throw it in the 'getting to know you' part of the relationship.

So I ask you, honestly, would you ask you new partner for his/her HIV status before you as much as give him a kiss? Or you the AS carrier, would you be bold enough to ask before you get too comfortable?

As I thought, this one na serious JAMB question.
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12 Months and counting

Yes its been a little over 365 days since I packed my wannabe uggs and cardies amongst other things into a bin bag and dropped them in front of Òxfam, the charity store. Then I hit the streets and went shopping for white shorts and white tees. I wasn't very lucky finding shorts as summer was wrapping up but I stocked up on tees and made my way down.

A few weeks later, I was sleeping in a bunk bed and sharing a room with 36 other ladies, going 8 days straight without doing a number 2 and waking up at 4am to morning drills.

Seems like yesterday but its been well over 365 days but am I glad its over? Yes I am. Will I miss it? Bits of it. But I thank God I've been a part of it.

Now, as liberating as that sounds, I've been thrown into a world of uncertainty and idleness. Not that I don't have things to go to but when you say you're unemployed, you're automatically idle. And I could go back to my job but that's story for another day.

Where will the wind blow me? Let's see. Whilst I wait, I'll work on my pet project. I'll be discussing that pretty soon! I hope it all works out for the best!

Have a fab weekend people.

Will you be voting tomorrow?

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