He tagged me!

Ok, this is not cool, cos everyone I know has been frigging TAGGED!

But I have to do this!
Let's go!
Firstly the rules
i. link the person(s) who tagged you...
ii. mention the rules in your blog
iii. tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
iv. tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
v. leave comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

Tin Tin...Well done o!!!

i. I blog- No one knows I blog and I intend to keep it that way. Obviously there are alot of things on here that can give me away, but I try to avoid it. As in, its so bad that I can't even bookmark blogger on my laptop for fear of someone getting in, but then I have my google email on the google tab and my password is saved so really there is no sense in that, is it?

ii. I day dream/ fantasize...whatever-you-ma-call-it before i sleep. Actually its what helps me to fall asleep. I think about so many things...like how I want 'him' to propose or just hold me in is arms... (whoever he is).

iii. I'm annoying...because i'm either too sarcastic or just too picky especially in regards to naija movies. I see everything wrong in what they do or say and it pisses my friend off.

iv. I'm an ice cream addict. From Ben and Jerry's to Tesco value, as long as it says ice cream, i'm down...if you give me haagen daaz, I'll sing your praises till the tub finishes, then I go back to my annoying sarcastic self.

v. I hate Mills and Boons! In as much as I LOVE to read, I cannot stand the fake romance in those books...as in shoot me, is the kind of attitude I have when those books are around me.

vi. I'm a sucker for football, and to top it up, I support the BEST team in Britain and Europe...so beat me!!!

Now to find people....I'm just gonna be random and choose anybody, and if you've been tagged before, Tough luck.......Ha.So wait, if i tag charizard, does that mean i've tagged buttercup too? I should believe soo...lol

To charizzyyy and butter cup...lol , tininu (for tagging me in the first place), mamalicious (cos ur the jjc in town), supersexy, cos i havent read your blog...or have I?....LOL to allyurz...cos you're all mine... ..

So thats it...a bit wishy washy but hey...I'm tired...just moved back to London for the summer and trust me, packing aint fun!

Gone too Long!!!

Yeah mehn...in the words of 'blak jesus', I'm back morrasuckers! LOL...I feel that to be a little too much for you guys, cos you've been too lovely!

Anyways, how has everyone been? Everyone writing papers or finishing off that dissertation? I wish you all good luck o....its not easy, but we go survive!

so I'v had a gruelling time this past few weeks, revising, trying to sort out my life (including the whole Mr T. wahala and some other family issues. speaking of which, the 'atorise' song is dedicated to all the mothers out there, it's in yoruba and for those who understand, you'll agree that it's an awesome tune!

Updating on Mr T., baseline, he didnt break up with her, infact, I dont think they even had any problems (or so I think sha), and to say that God saved me is an understatement cos the way I found out was a shocker!!
After the restaurant scene, I stopped taking his calls and replying his messages but he was consistent, as in it was a bit freaky cos he'd be parked outside my house in the morning waiting to take me to uni and obviously i'd just walk past...(as a girl i need to front a bit) or come to the library and sit near me pretending to revise, he wouldnt say anything, he'd just sit there with his books, solving equations and hissing if it didnt go right. As in, people at the library would have thought we didnt even know each other, cos we never said a word to each other, but then the'd go to the shop to buy food, crisps and the lot and offer me, but i declined them and I didnt want to pack up so as not to make a scene at the library and (secretly i kinda liked the silent company).

After a little bit, it kida got a bit boring and I had to tell him to stop the stalking and he said he'd carry on till whenever I agreed. I took pity on him and I started talking to him more often, replying a few sms's and I got to know that he was going to Nigeria in the summer, hence the reason he was being persistent, so he'd make sure I wasn't available for any other guy whilst he was gone.
Cheeky and a tad bit selfish aint it?
so one day, i thought i'd take a break from my library runz and treat myself to some good female therapy...shopping, a nice hair do and some manicure. I got to the shop, trying on some clothes, I saw some of his girl friend's riff raff friends outside the changing room waiting for someone who was trying something on, it turned out to be her. I mean I was a bit pissed to see then there cos I was in Karen Millen and you only want to be in that kind of store with a certain calibre of people and she and her gang sure aint part of that set. I got into a changing booth and overheard their convo...it was along the lines of 'I need to make this night special cos my man is leaving soon' bla bla bla...and I was like whoaa...so this dude wants to use me to catch trips.

Ok me sef I'm down to catch some trips too! Mother of all trips.

so I got home and gave him a call...he was surprised and I was like, seeing as you are going soon that we should do somn together..my guy was happy! I said oh, but I'm in London, pls can you come and pick me up (My uni town is an hours drive from London) and the truth of the matter is I wasnt in London, infact was in my room in uni town but as per trips level na... Dude got to London and called me, where are you?
Me: u took too long jo, so I got the train, and it just left o! But seeing as you are in London pls can you buy me peppersoup from D'Den? I ignored all his rants and shouting...he is the one with the I dont pick up my phone when I'm driving policy'....

He got to my house sha...ready to spark and then he saw one of my toasters sitting comfortably o the sofa...what did i hear after he got in? so who is that?
I flipped, jo jo jo! you are not the boss of me, you hear me? Then we started fighting like we were a couple and I just thought, why am I doing this?

I gave it to him straight..look, I'm not going to let you play me around aiight...now out of my house!

so thats the drama over and done with...its much longer than that but i had to edit it cos my keyboard is doing my head it with its wireless nonsense!

I'm out.

I'm on my knees

Begging you, my lovely readers. Yours truly is on a break to get that first class.
That's how I can stay alive to keep posting....

Juicy juicy....coming your way.

I love y'all.

Ps...I could taste the venom from some comments on ''Thou hast caused and done temptation'', I fear small o! Chei.

I'll be back!!

Tininu, this is specially for you, cos I can vividly see the frustration from your comments...