Freshers Week!!!

For all those that expressed sincere concern when I was violated, thank you very much. For those that laughed at me, well I know my true friends now. For those that I called or text (you know yourselves) and did not respond, well I have no comment for you.I am still bruised, scarred and traumatised!!! (LOL)

Back to the post!! Its just full of random stuff but anyway

....No I'm not a fresher. It's just freshers week at my uni...they moved in and now the campus if heaving with these people, children to say the least! Someone made mention that all the people that start uni this year were born in the 90's....gosh I feel so old!!! Don''t you?

Anyways on a different note.........after so much back and forthing (does that even exist?) I finally met mizchief. I randomly chose somewhere to meet...guess Camden Market. Seeing as in all my years in this country,I hadnt been there, I thought we might as well both be tourists and roam the streets of camden. The babe said that place is scary, why do you want to go there? (I didnt get the hint), I said, haba, its afternoon, we will be fine.

I got there!!! Ha....nah its inexplicable! Heres why!

90% of the crowd had likeness in one form or the other to that guy with his red hair.

I think she took some pictures of the place but mehn, I looked like a blonde public school (fee paying school) girl in a university like Thames Valley or Brunel. Anyways I was lost and to top it up Mizchief had been there before! *Hiss* So it kinda ruined the excitement and she turned out to be showing me around...(bad bad). But it was fun anyway, I only had like and hour or so to spare so it was a short meeting. But trust me, she is as crazy as she sounds in her blogs.

Oh and she bought a T-shirt..with a large figure 8 on it...enough said!!! Fits her too much...go figure!!! Haha.

I is out!!


Oh and needless to say that this is my favourite song of all time...ok maybe not all time but a fusion of these 2 artists will arouse the ....em yeah, you get what I mean. This was just too good.
Kinda the bases for some random decisions I took last week...haha!!! (Nope I'm not telling). But look at the video and tell me you disagree, then I shall assume you are either not normal or just lacking sensitivity...(lol no offence)


So I was jejely in my bed the other day, pretty much the whole day.

It was a sunday, nothing to do. I'd just seen Titanic for God knows how many times and I still cried, especially when the old couple were in their bed, hugging each other and ready for death!!! Ah, not only is that mad love but confidence and acceptance of the fact that they have lived their lives and are ready to go. Hmm, I'm not quite sure but I don't think I can be in that frame of mind for a while....I dare say its only the elderly that can have that frame of mind...any other person that tells me they are, is chatting shit as far as I'm concerned....I digress.

Yeah so I had managed to get a shower and make some curry at about 8pm when my friend called me and demanded that I come to her house. She'd been begging and she was on her way to pick another of my friends up so I had to get dressed and wait for her. Got into my track suit bottoms, t shirt and hoodie...(something befitting for the night I presumed).

We got there and they got down to their naija movies, of which I'm not a big fan most of what I did was criticize the whole thing and rant on and on about the steeeewwwpid movie!!!

As my boredom increased I asked my friend if she had some garri for babes. She did.....(now thats my kinda host) plus she had groundnuts too...and I was good to go.

I got to the kitchen, put my garri in the bowl, with sugar and groundnuts and then halt! No water. Have I mentioned that I don't drink tap water? No? Well, I dont, so if you dont have bottled water, dont offer me water or anything that I have to mix with water, i.e ribena and the lot.

She came into the kitchen and was like ohhh sorry, but you can use tap water now!! I looked at her and shook my head, thinking, I cant have this conversation with you again. Then she opened the fridge and found a small bottle of vittel and was like oh here's some water...use this and if it isnt enough, you can get some from the kettle and use some ice.

I did exactly as she told me.....the whole process seemed long but mehn I was bent on getting some garri that evening. I mixed it all up and as I walked into the living room, I took one spoon of the garri and it just didnt feel right

Yes!!!!!!!! My tongue was burrrrrrrning, unfortunately, some of it found its way down my throat and my throat literally fried at the feeling. I screamed and said to her, What the f*** was in that bottle???

You know what she said??? She walked towards me and was like oh my God, I am so so sorry.

It was VODKA!!!!!!!!!!

Man I was pisssedddd. She then said that her housemate had emptied the water in the bottle and filled it with vodka cos she was going clubbing and didnt want to buy any drinks at the club. All she wanted to do was buy coke at the bar and mix it with her own vodka....CHEAPSKATE OSHI!!!!

Ok maybe not....sorry to say that, she is a student like me and she has every right to do as she pleases. But damn I was so pissed off.

I just went back to the sofa sat down, and shut my mouth. They carried on with their naija movie and I wasnt even in the frame of mind to criticize anymore. Not only had she ruined my perfect evening with a bowl of garri...she had given me alcohol in the most unthinkable of waysss....


For those that think I'm ranting and over reacting.....I'm allowed to cos I dont drink and cos I'M ALLOWED TO....PERIOD!!!!

To worsen the situation she then asked me if I was a recovering alcoholic, cos I was pissed off so much. I just kept quiet ( as I always do when I'm pissed) and laid my head down to sleep. I could have picked up my hoodie and left but that would have been a bit too dramatic.

LOL at some point I thot I was drunk cos I was thinking all sorts in my head but I wasnt actually doing any of them, so I put it down to paranoia, but considering I had just downed a bottle of vodka into my garri, I guess I was allowed to think and vex.


My first taste of alcohol and it just had to be with my garri....

Nonsense and ingredient!!!!!

Obsession, madness, OCD???

So please, anyone care to explain any of these terms to be cos I'm beginning to think there is something wrong with me o.

Ok maybe not that there's something wrong...we all know ( actually let me rephrase that to I know) that I am a mega weirdo, so things I do dont phase me, but it kinda bothers other people. So basically I need an analysis of the following....dont judge me...just analyse.


I am very paranoid when it comes to food being stuck between my teeth. Not so much that the spinach has made my teeth green, but its the fact that I can feel it there thats the problem. I floss countless number of times in a day. I have my floss in every bag, so when I change bags, I don't worry about moving it about. I go crazy when I can't find it. My little ones once unrolled a pack that I had, and I absolutely went beserk. That wasnt funny mehn.

Keeping tidy:

I'm not a neat freak or anything but,

-My clothes have to be ironed. I love the look of ironed clothes in my wardrobe. I arrange them from the thinnest to widest, depending on how they've been folded, so I kinda get a pyramid shape.

-When arranging things, I have to see the 'front' where the name of the item is written. Even if its a bottle of bleach. The part that says 'Domestos thick bleach' is the part that faces me, not the back with the barcode....Oh hell no.

So if you take my stuff and return it, I still know when its been used. Especiallyif its been returned facing the wrong way!!! I kinda got this from my mother, who got it from her father. It runs in my family.....I know!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok here's the penned bit as most of you cant see it.
-It has to be black
-It's always black
-It has to have a lid. If it hasnt got a lid, then the pen is useless to me.
If the lid has been lost, the pen might as well be lost.
-If its a click pen, then it obviously doesnt need a lid.
-It has to be ball point or anything close to it, if it isnt, forget it!!
-Yes, I am a freak, one of those that write their names when trying out a pen. I can stand in WHSmith or Ryman for over half an hour trying a pen. It needs to feel right. Both on my fingers and on paper. **You know, how you have to try clothes on before you buy? Yeah thats what it is**
-Pilfering- Maybe not so much of pilfering, but obtaining. If you are unfortunate enough to have pens that perfectly fit the above description in either your pencil case, office or home or where ever, then be rest assurred that I will obtain it.
Hence, I do not borrow pens, neither do I lend mine out, if I do, then I will wait till you're done and then collect it.

The New!!

Yes I am back....New year, New month! New life!!!

To those who dropped their 2 on the last post, thanks. I didnt have a rethink, lets just say I chilled. All I needed to do was vent. I think I'm a bit too meek to do shit! So thanks everyone.

Im, not to blogger ( Technically I didnt go anywhere). To uni I mean

I'm a bit off point now but I'll be back with something more sensible....

I missed you tooooooooooooooooo much!!!