Nearly there.

The complexities of blogging.
Too many people know and it just stops the flow of that tap of thoughts.

So, I finished exams like a few weeks ago and I lazied about for a whole week. Bliss I tell you. Sleep is such a good thing. Now I'm home for the week till I go back to reality. Yes, project calls. I shall succeed...AMEN!!

Honestly, things happened and I just lost the flare for blogging, not that I dont have things to say, its just that it gets a bit too complicated and too many eyes!!

Oh I have something to say...yes, whats the new fashion of 19, 20 year olds getting married or having kids. Is it madness? as in they leave their education and become mothers. I'm not saying its a bad thing, I love kids, I live with kids so I know what its like to be a mother so to speak.

But is it just me or don't we all have it etched in our skulls that we have to finish all this education shibang and then settle down to marry or do whatever comes after? So why go half way through uni and whatnot, only to leave it for something else when we all know that especially in Nigeria, without your degree, you can't take a step forward without being set back 5 steps?

I'm confused, cos I have two friends who were like 3 years my junior at secondary school and they both have a child each, and another girl at uni dropped out after her first year to go and have a baby and I'm thinking wow? Has our thinking changed so much that we have become lax as women or as a society?

At least one of them is now married to the father of the child, so I'm guessing the point of the marriage was because she was already with child but still I can't but my head around it or am I being too hypocritical?

Anyway, so my music mood has shifted and lately these are the songs I've been listening to.
It started with him.....

Happy holidays people!

One down...One to go...

....And six months to go!!

I have become sooo lazy with school work lately, I dont even understand myself anymore. I had an exam on monday and I feel on top of the world, like I have nothing to do anymore, meanwhile I have one more essay due and another exam, then I have to start worrying about getting a chunk of disso done before uni resumes in January.

God help me o!

But, I'm still looking forward to sleep time sha...Everly!

Ok, this is a very random post as I am in no form or shape to compose myself and write anything sensible, so I'll just rant about the songs I heard recently.


So Dare-Not the Girl.
Vocals...Hmm.. *This is me with a scrunched up face like someone just did a really nasty fart*.
I don't know sha but the deepness is kinda sexy to be honest, but not for the song, especially as its a really slow and nostalgic song...
So, Hmmm again!

And Mr Kilz...
He doesnt make me go shoobe doo da eh eh eh...
Oh hell no he doesnt......
If he walks into a room, I wont say sho be doo bee do da ehh to myself
But I still like the song sha
"I'd like to make this hard Ibo by feel soft inside"
Deep Jo!!

Pardon me...its 4am and in the library fixing an essay.

Shet! I need a Life after Monday!!!!

2 Months Sabbatical Leave...

...Has made me a different person.

Easily prone to worry and anger. That's who you become when you have less than six months left to finish the last lap of the beginning of your life...(whew that was a mouth full).

So...been gone for 2 months and things certainly haven't changed around here.
One of the reasons I started blogging was to release the thoughts in my head that I probably or most likely never shared with people, also, partly because no one knew who I was and partly because I wasn't allowed to take that English degree that I craved so much, I thought I'd take my writing somewhere else...or so I thought.

Till I started to meet and talk to people on blogger. It took a while to open up as I knew my blogging would suffer the consequences. Anyway, I took the plunge and I met quite a range of people.

I met the really sweet and mushy till it went a bit awol...I shall keep that part of my experience to myself..thank you very much.

I met the nice and talkative ones...gisting became a disease we found no cure for...till they decided to disappear off the face of blogger and the earth and that ended abruptly.

I met the snobbish and overtly condescending. I didn't think people with such combination existed, well I am snobbish but I don't think I am condescending, but then again I'm talking rubbish because they both mean absolutely the same thing.

I met the exceedingly hyper and friendly ones who make you believe that there are indeed people out there with so much energy in them that you can feel it in their words. They make you look like a slug half the time.

I met those whom, though write beautifully, are the worst set of people to converse with. It doesn't take long to figure out why those ones blog,

Then I met the shy ones, whom just like me, are very self confident on either blogger or msn, but in person are the meekest of souls ever.

And obviously comes the nasty ones are just outright NASTY! (Enough said).

Then again, I've met just 5 or so people over blogger, one in person. You'd wonder if all these applied per person or multiple attributes to one person or I dont count some people with the negative attitudes as those I know.

Obviously before or after meeting these people I began to pay great attention to other relationships over blogger and I realised that we all come to this online world to be one person or the other, to have friends, to relieve ourselves of stress or to just poke our noses in other people's business. Either way, I found interactions between alot of people to be very fake and pretentious. People did it to get recognised, or they just became friends so they could try out their new found personality. I found these quite bothersome and a bit too much to take.

But then life wasnt any different in the real world, in fact, probably even worse, so much so that I lost a few friends along the line, gained one or two, but who am I to judge their viability? How do I assess these people if I'd failed earlier? I became a recluse with no life, I pitied myself and blamed myself for being such a woeful judge of character, for being so gullible.

I then came to the realization that you cant stop the search for that person or those people that make you happy and bring out the best in you. The Yoruba have a saying that one hand doesn't wash itself clean, you need both. One man cannot be an island, neither can he make a nation.

However, I am not on a hunt for a friend, I am on a quest to find myself.
Maybe, I just might prove the saying wrong and make that nation.

I am back!!