I know I've been MIA. Sorry, but the major excuse is done and gone now. Yes that Disso has been handed in...please pray for me o. Nothing less than a first for my hardwork (please let me be optimistic) thank you!!!

So the work was handed in on friday, I thought of a way to celebrate, I went home to SLEEP! Not to say Ive been lacking so much of it, but it was good to be able to sleep during the day, I tell you it's bliss!

Next day, saturday, I packed my things and headed for London. I got invited to Notes and Swag. For those in Jand, you'd know it was the show that that saw the invasion of M.I, the mister incredible himself, and those who know me outside of blogger will know that I love him die!!! *You can't see me but I'm there like your eye-brow*...CHAI!!
So anyways...the weekend turned out to be SHYTE, for reasons I refuse to blog about, but still, I will use the show as the highlight of the weekend. Though the people I went with were ANNOYING ME...oh my God! HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO razz OH MY DAYZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As in????

Anyways the show was meant to start at 6pm, erm it didnt start till 10:30pm. Yes 10.30pm. Nigerian timing to the CORE!!!!! So during MI's performace, pink and ruffles had to do their own showcase of some funky lingerie...hmmm I fear o!!! Those things were serious. Even me as a girl, I bow!
Though, now I can put a face to the pink and ruffles designer.. (she used to be a blogger).

Oh and Agama Label....I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm starting a fundraiser to get a short sleeved and long sleeved one...or betterstill, just be nice and get me one as a birthday pressie. You know you love me xoxox

MI's performance was banging, and he didnt just do any lip synching...nah he did his stuff! But my guy short! He cute though....his big words for a small MAN...ME LIKEY!! Oh and I met him, got introduced to him whilst I was standing jejely in my corner, waiting for my razzite friends to compose themselves so we could fade.

Oh and did I mention that naija girls are ANNOYING!!!!! So one of the songs started and I swear they were WAITING, as soon as it started, they all jumped on stage to GRIND on the poor little guy! SHET! Naiaja girls, no DECENCY!

Anyways, looks like I might be heading to London again this weekend...let the fun begin. Of my 3 years in uni, this is the first time Im going out in London...I've left it too late, but still, I'll make the most of it.

If you dont know, this is my guy spitting his stuff!!!

Why so serious?

I will admit, letting people know who you are makes it harder to express yourself, without fear. So many things you'd like to talk about, without having to think if one person or the other will come and ask why or where or for full details. Not to say I complain that I've met wonderful people even though half the time the white sheet comes with a dollop of black paint. It's life isnt it? They say shit happens.
Maybe I should revert back to my journal where I can safely purge it all out. Like sick, it just pushes its way out, of course with a little effort on my end, I heave every other second and it all comes pouring out. After I cant heave anymore and the sick is down the drains that are the pages of my diary, then I wash my face, close the diary and say to myself that I do feel better. That I have rid myself of the things that make me lie in bed and allow insecurity to eat me alive, starting with my self esteem and then working its way up to my paranoia, and then probably towards the direction of my sanity and by the end of a whole of 5 minutes, I can confidently say I feel like shit. But once again, there's that stream of guilt that seeps into my brain, leaves those little drops of information that remind me of the things I should be grateful for. That even though some aspects of my life are not that great at the moment, the others make me feel like the sun always shines on the other side of me. That the bird's squeaking sounds remind me that its the dawn of a new day. That the dry patches on the leaf indicate that the sun is here, dried off the dew that are the reminders of the previous night. That lights the corners of me that remain unlit, undiscovered and certainly untouched. Then I bask in the glory of illumination till the night comes again and the cycle begins all over again.