Same old story!

I know!
Apologies bla bla. Same gist!
Who knows when next I'll be back here, so I'll apologise for the next time I won't turn up.

My life never lacks drama and two thirds of it is unnecessary family headache. I need a life of my own, where no one feels the need to order me around like a robot!

I came across something I put together a while ago and whilst I re-read it, I realised it only made sense to me the day I wrote it. After that, it just looks like I needed to regurgitate every word in my head that seemed to express the way I was feeling but in a very incomprehensible manner!
Below is what I call 'faeces of words'. No pun intended but it is absolute shit!

''When you have never known austerity, you never see life in the eyes of one who has. Seeing how they live does not equal knowing how they live. Knowing how they live does not equal feeling how they feel either.
They say, tough times are temporary. To some, it comes to pass. To most, it is a way of life and the belief that better times are temporary plays a more familiar tune with them.
Beside you is a dead man walking and beside him is another. You.
The game is tagged "survival of the fittest" when in reality it should be called "surviving the survival of the fittest". When the dead man walking strives to survive and then should he overcome, the battle to sustain becomes paramount. Where breathing is no longer the chore, staying alive is and the feverent need to be relevant continues to persist.
Should the dead man walking start to believe that "hard times are temporary", the need to do things the right way points the scale mark at zero. And if the scale marks read negative, a new rule is set. "An for an eye". A rule adhered to in its most literal and figurative forms, that ensures that the next man canot easily place blame. His society is accepting of his shortcomings.
Shortcomings are not inadequacies.
Short comings are not mistakes.
Shortcomings are not crime.
Shortcomings are a way of life
Shortcomings make better times temporary.''

To think that now that I have a blackberry, I'd blog more often! Kmt!