For lack of....

Anything Tangible to say, and to feed my boredom.

A. Attached or Single?

B. Best Friends?
Me, me, me...

C. Cake or Pie?
Cakes all the way.

D. Day of Choice?
Anyday, as long as I can sleep for some of it.

E. Essential Item?
Floss...I get withdrawal symptoms when I dont have it.

F. Favorite Color?

G. Greatest accomplishment?
In Progress

H. Hometown?
Lagos Island Baby

I. Indulgences?
Ben and Jerrys, Madeira, Haagen Daaz.

J. January or July?
Neither has my birthday in it, so what's my business?

K. Kids?
3, 4, 5, .....

L. Life is incomplete without?
God (Something to believe in), Anything to read, my crazy/lovely family, me.

M. Marriage date?

N. Number of siblings?

O. Oranges or apples?

P. Phobias or fears?
Both! Flying and the dark. I start to see things that are not there.

Q. Quotes?
Let sleeping dogs lie.
I take this literally, cos my sleep is important to me. *I do bite*

R. Reason to smile?
I smile all the time...some people can testify to that.

S. Season?
*Hiss* We don't have any sensible ones in Jand.

T. Tag three friends?

U. Unknown fact about me?
It is'nt unknown anymore when I say it.
I can send it to your inbox if you really want to know!

V. Very favorite store?

W. Worst habit?
I forget too easily.

X. X-ray or ultrasound?

Y. Your favorite food?
Make me some amala, with ogbono, and I am yours forever!

Z. Zodiac?

40 Cogitations:

Buttercup said...


Buttercup said...

"A. Attached or Single?

lol u really do love ur sleep..

awwwww u smile all the time...thats very admirable!

mizchif said...

Just marking register!!!

Minky said...

So you are one of those single but dating babes!! lol.

OluwaDee said...

My fav colour is also brown.

vote for tayo said...

sorry for spamming
but please vote for tayo everyday at:

LG said...

@A. Attached or Single?
o girl sue say u nor confuse, lolll
nor mind me, i feel like dat too sumtimes *winks*


Tairebabs said...

M. Marriage date?

Perfect answer!

Abby said...

Let sleeping dogs lie.
I take this literally, cos my sleep is important to me. *I do bite*


Queen of My Castle said...

Your favorite food answer was too cute. LOL.

I suppose the attached AND single means that you are in a relationship but not married, yeah?

Love your wit.

ynot! said...

Amala+ogbono soup...o gaa o! u sha no wan feel anytn 4 ur throat.
as per being attached n single... *my raw trans-xplain:* u get guy bt e just dey like say u no get. o ma'a se o! poor guy... pr'olly ain't fulFILLn.
per unknown stuff abt u...oya, send me d email k'ara-k'ese. I wan know.
In all, A-Z abt u...awesome post!

NaijaBabe said...

Why is it that 'A'a is the only thing you people comment about....even after reading from A-Z...its the only thing you remember?

ynot? The thing is, if I tell what is isnt unknown anymore tho? Is it?

Afrobabe said...

awww, I love brown too, I usually have to remind myself to add colours to my cloths shopping...

Black Man Comes said...

some of them questions got me thinking. dont ask why...

Uzezi said...

i want to know the unknown fact.
since u are cancer, why dont u just pick july over january? after all june and july share cancer abi?

Lady Koko said...

you just BROKE MY HEART.....bestfriends ....and u sed.."ME ME ME"..wotever happened to "US"


when you say Lagos is your hometown, do you mean Isa leko? My mom grew up in ia lako on pike street, lol!

And my sista, how can you be attached and single at the same time? lol! na wa for you oh.... this is serious, expand on it please. =)

NaijaBabe said...

Afro...the brown came randomly...i never had a fav colour till i moved to this house...everything here is BROWN...the furniture..the floor is wood..the carpet is brown..everything in my sis's wardrobe is in every shade of brown u can imagine...lets just say her taste is contagious.

Black man...I want to know what ur thinking! burthday is in june...july is of no relevance to me

koko...we both know its me u and u...haba mom grew up on breadfruit street ...I am isaleko for real o!

wellsbaba said...

attached or single?
fav quote let d sleepin dog,i dnt knw y som pple can fit luv

Black Man Comes said...

babe... you know i draw my inspiration from you. Your encouragement gets me thinking. I got nutin but love, no hate here at all.

ibiluv said...

let sleeping dogs with you on this......hate to be woken when i sleep...sleep i ssssacred.........

ibiluv said...

let sleeping dogs with you on this........i bite and tear skin off....*wink*..........

NikkiSab said...

I really want to know d unknown about u..whisper it to

I feel u on d phobias cos my imagination is damn good, its almost like 3d good...hhehehe so darkness is an issue.

Doja said...

D. Day of Choice?
Anyday, as long as I can sleep for some of it.


Tininu said...

inbox...i wanna know...

who are you attached to?

Mz. Dee said...

u de ansa question with question!

NaijaBabe said...

Wells...yes we do...that is why I glow the way I do! LOL

Black man...why, thank you...NB blushes

Ibiluv...thank you jare'll just have to wait.

Doja...its funny? Hmm it isnt o

Tininu...I dont have your time!

Mz Dee...Its the most civilized and polite way of avoiding a question

Jaguda said...

amal to gbono fele fele. yummy! p.s. brown is a hot colour, be it mocha, cocoa, mahogany or light brown

Jaguda said...

AMALA i meant o. lol

NaijaBabe said...

Bad guy...yes mehn
Amala is hot
Brown is HOT

kay-shawn said...

Zodiac sign, cancer? Hmm... one more thing you and I have in common.

kay-shawn said...

One more thing you and I have in common? Nice Lips.

Duchess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kay-shawn said...

You're free to come and see them.

Woomie O! said...

Ok...we have almost everthing in common...except that I don't really like to sleep...and I don't like people sleeping when I am awake...except they're noisy little kids.

So, one of the blogville monkeys (as I call them) is getting on your nerves hey???...why can't they just discover Facebook...and just stay there!

rebecca said...

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