Rant # 2 - am not feeling this

I did say I'd do this again, so I'm back for another people bashing on language and its misuse.

So come the shorthand nonsense, obviously follows those that do not understand the simple rules of grammar. I'm not talking about the ones that show off that they have a high vocab standard, theres nothing wrong with that. If you've got it, flaunt it. I fo one, would like to speak like the Wole Soyinkas one day. Not like the academics in Business, Law, or Psychology Journals (to name a few)that feel the need to use one big word after every preposition in their sentence.

This is an example:

Thus instead of wrenching unions from context and treating them as an exogeneous determinant of productivity, the best work has sought to recontextualize their social practices and view them as one element in a complex parallelogram of market, technological and institutional forces determining outcomes in production.

Tell me, if you know nothing of unions and productivity, does this help you in any way?


Anyways I'm not talking about the over-sabis.

Im talking about those that missed primary 2 and 3, when we were being taught the preliminaries of the English Language.

I know people will say, ehn but English is not our first language. Please that is the lamest excuse ever, because English is the language of the world. The world trades in English, the world communicates in English..hence there is no argument there. If we are anti-westernisation, then why do we strive so hard to gain their education? why?Why didnt we all just stick to our farming and hunting, as opposed to becoming civilized. If we dont want to speak English, then we shouldnt. I will teach my child Yoruba o, dont get me wrong, but he will learn the English equally well.

Forget people who have gone to 'jakande' schools or what ever, I understand, they may have received second hand education, but I tell you , half of them do not come out writing like this.

The one I see the most, that makes me cringe, that can make me lose interest in a guy once I see it, the one that makes me scream my head off is 'am' for i'm... but as in, really?

Why???? why?

I'm not saying Nigeriansare the only ones that do it, so dont get me wrong, alot of other people do it but I think its just not right. I understand the mistake once or twice, but there are people that just cant stop using it that way.

I have the memory of a fish so I cant list the ones Ive seen, but Im sure you guys know what Im on about.

33 Cogitations:

mizchif said...

lol! U're just unserious! Shey u will not go and read ur book ni? Be looking for people that are writting am for I'm!

That over english paragraph was so darn confusing. Do people reallyearn points for stuff like that?

UnderCover07 said...

Oh mizchif!!!...lol...u beat me to it. :( lemme go n' read.

UnderCover07 said...

Oops! I used short-hand for my earlier comment; Aunty shey you won't give me lines to write because of that?lol.

But yeah,I dnt get it when ppl use so much grammar and technical jargon in their writings; its one thing if its for a professional magazine or audience, but consider the everyday man abeg.

NaijaBabe said...

Mizchief....Free me jo

Undercover...LOL chill now...your shorthand is not that bad

Anonymous said...

Guess academics, and people in the corporate world thrive on buzz world to confuse us the uninitiated. Make dem carry go o... God pass dem!

InCogNaija said...

bad grammar just sucks...period! i agree with you, but u cant blame them...they got buy one get one free education...

NaijaBabe said...

BOGOF education...thats harsh

Anonymous said...

Thank God Africans, we were the pioneers of astronomy and maths, that is something we excel in, the "H" factor thing is uncontrollable for some, but when; past tense becomes future tense and singular becomes plural...that's when my head hurts. It is bad enough when it is in spoken English, but I recieved a text similar to the grammatical gaffes mentioned above...I decided it was time to ignore this toaster all together!! Yes you can call me shallow!

NaijaBabe said...

Lollll...Anon has killed me o!!!
Ignore the toaster all together- haha

Anonymous said...

lol...I completely agree with u...am instead of I'm? very annoying...I did a similar post on grammatical errors...u may want 2 check it out on


BSNC said...

lol that example was funny, what is the essence of writng those jargons when noboby understand you..

lol yes we understand what you are saying.

NaijaBabe said...

Just Doyin...I read it and I thought, WOW!

BSNC, Thank you very much...as in whats the point?

Quaggar said...

lol. u'r vry funny.Am rollin on d flr here wit lafta.Dnt tink its dat bad tho.Pple r jst bein lazy. Remembr dat some cnt type well (i.e wit 1 finga),so it maybe fastr 4dem todo dat.

Note: The first paragraph above was written that way on purpose.

NaijaBabe said...

Shet...you gave me a heart attack....
I was already cringing!!!!!

O'Dee said...

I understand what you are talking about.

& I so hate when pple say English is not our 1st language. English is my 1st language, any other language comes second.

disguisedfeelings said...

lol @ that example...looks like what Danny Bagucci would write...lol

NaijaBabe said...

Disguised feelings- Thats funny! That actually does make sense you know...hehehe

Cidersweet said...

I KNOW. It can be so annoying! But it is my belief that ppl that use big English so much are just trying to compensate for some inadequacy they have- I wont lie, Im tempted to do it, but I've got cool self-control (lol)

On the othr hand, those with too-bad English... (sighs)... just take it easy with people. We are all learners.

seye said...

do you know I have wondered why people write with such grammar. Does it make them bigger? Does it put them in another class? I mean, its just something i have wondered. Can't people just write to COMMUNICATE.

AM liking this post. LOL

btw, thanks for your correspondence.lol


"Jakande schools"
"Second hand education"


Tell 'e why you mad! lol!!!

If that makes you mad, I am scared to know how you feel about the "H" factor. You know, when people say "hear" instead of "ear" lol!

RocNaija said...

I could have sworn someone else wrote that..

Same person that said.. "Exclusive dedication to necessitous chores without interludes of hedonistic diversion renders Jack a hebetudinous fellow..."


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.."

NaijaBabe said...

Cidersweet...I know we are all learners and we learn eveyday, but does it take 23 years to learn the difference between am and I'm?

Er Seye...your own is a discussion for later.

SS...I dont evenknow what to classify the H factor as? Is it like stuttering, cos if it isnt, those people need to be put in some sort of camp.

RN...ah!!! But thats just incalled for, as in seriously, do people actually talk like that?

Tairebabs said...

I am even afraid of commenting here before you accuse me of dropping a missile. lol. Anyway I understand what you mean it is good to be eloquent. I still love sms lingos hahaha.

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Lmao.that english paragraph got me like"Say what"?

Bwari Boy said...

Am guilty of using "am" instead of "i'm", bite me! "Am" so jealous, u've got finals in a few wks and you are ranting about am."Am" guessing you are on top of school work.

QMoney said...

have u ever spoken to "sum1" that writes "shorthand" and they weren't eloquent??
free us jooo,we are just lazy and we are carried away by it but u are right.atimes,it just doesn't make sense.
e.g "boyz" instead of "boys"

o said...

Using "you're" instead of "your" and vice versa is quite annoying and unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

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