Live from London...Tales from home.

Reporting from...somewhere in London.

***Yes I'm home for Easter and I cant say these kids are doing my head in, cos Ive missed them die, so I'll have to deal with it.
Suffice to say I'm supposed to find out if trade unions reduce productivity and write a 4k word paper on it. Point of the story is, its not getting anywhere, as in
who gives a f*** if you fumble because you are in a union, the bottom line is if you don't deliver, you get sacked. End of story!!
I think I should just copy and paste the 3 lines above, about 4,000 times and cross my fingers and hope for an A. The lecturer's justification for that A should be, showing acts of 'rebellion'♦ Thats what the world needs. Then show me off to the rest of the 400 students in my class and say to them, believe!!!!

***A disadvantage of being back home - I have to be fully clothed. At uni, I sleep naked mostly, even though I live with 3 boys ( And no, they wont dare)...I just hate clothes. I think we should all boycot PJ's and sleep in our skins. Trust me, its bliss. You sleep better.

Plus-*I sleep better when someone watches me sleep* Now I cant help it.

***New improvements- Popcorn is now pronounced poh-orn by the 2yr old in my house...Dont ask me how that pronunciation came about, but now I find myself saying it. I hope people don't laugh at me in public when it slips out.

***My Post is leaning on the random side today. My apologies - but randomness is now the way forward, followed by razzness, in form of the Jenifa syndrome.
If you don't know about Baba Tee and Teksy, then you are missing out on a major phase of your generation. You will lack tales to tell your grandkids and it will be a traumatising experience for them when kids their age, know about the craze in their grandfather/mother's time and still say 'ama see saw at the gest togedas' and yours dont.
Do you want that for them? ...No?... Then get on the train!!

You know, as in, its like, my posh, finishing school bred sister now calls me Franca and answers her kids with a 'yelz' and says 'housh' when the oil spills out of the frying pan.
It is a way of life.
The world is changing...are you changing with it?

People, how have you been? (This is me avoiding the fact that, yet again, I have been away for too long)

10 Cogitations:

Blanche Truffle said...

WOW~ I can't wait to have kids. "pop horn" is just too cute. I want my kids to mispronounce every single word! Is that bad?


mizchif said...

Yelzzzzz! No b small been away too long oh!

As 4 sleeping naked...that is just the ish, like i don't know why pj's were even made in the first place!

LMAO @ ur sister saying "housh"
Jenifa has really done wonders.

Anonymous said...

lolol! loving the randomness.

LusciousRon said...

I love sleeping in the nude! So enjoy all the Easter parry that is sure to come.

See ya, Catch ya, Later!

My World said...

Its seems you are enjoyn this randomnes...
The world is changing indeed.

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

are you studying law?
Trade Unions is the worst thing you could talk about in employment law!!!!
well hope ur enjoying your holiday

Tigeress said...

lol@ poh-orn

MissLove said...

happy easter hon xx

InCogNaija said...

on a randomness scale of 1-10, you rank 11. nice post tho.
About that paper, i think sticking it to the educational system has always been the way to go. copy and paste that answer, u will definitely get an audience; cant guarantee that it will be a good audience tho. lmao!
Sleeping nekid, hmmm, i like that idea. we should be roomies *wink*
you sleep better when someone watches u sleep? just anyone? are you encouraging peeping toms? and are u still gonna be nekid when the watcher is watching? i can apply for that job. hehe
I am totally on the trend train o, i mean, i gas to be bigs, as in, u know, is like...
i definitely dont want my kids and grandkids carrying last when they are asked about the craze of my time.
Good to have you back missy!!

CultureCynic said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO this is too funny!!!

cheers on having someone watching over u as you sleep. I heard that.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING ...i heard that!!!!

the level of my razzness has defintly been upgraded ever since Jenifa entered my life....the only thing now is knowing when to remeber that i am in public and not thoroughly embarass at ur sis saying "housh".....Jenifa has elevated razzness to new heights!!!