Because why??

We keep complaining about the Sony PS3 advert and District 9. It's not like what the guy uttered isnt entirely true, isnt it?
We need to check ourselves. This is unacceptable and very played out. I dont find this very amusing anymore. At some point, I used to. Now, I dont think it is anymore.

If I am next of kin to someone, I would know who the HELL they are. Dont be sending me this jack shit!

Please, what is this?
I'll tell you what it is, a very stupid email, from a very stupid somebody.

Diamond Bank Plc
70 Harnham Road.

This is to inform you that you have been chosen as next of kin by one Mrs.Helen Morris who has been hospitalized.According to her,her total cash,shares,stock and bonds should be transfered to your possession.If truly you are her next of kin,please state it.Any form of identification is acceptable. You have the next 24hrs to reply or this transaction will be declined.


Ohis Ohiwerei
Diamond Bank
Executive Director &
International Financial Officer
(44) 701-111-6284

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UnderCover07 said...

Love the new layout...very very different.

chayoma said...

the Sony Ps3 ad isn't the first, i mean i go to the Card store to buy cards and u get comments similar to the fraudulent activities of Nigerians on birthday cards, anniversary cards, u name it.
As for District 9, my own is, called the Leader by the name of a respected ex-President and Head of state is very disrespectful.
That na my two cents

As for the emails,
who reads such anymore, i knw i don't!

NaijaBabe said...

Undercover. Thanks babe

chayoma- the reason this email possed me off is that I just got it in my blogger email and I know I don't use that email address for anything apart from blogger. My yahoo is full of the interswitch ones, some get toy junk whilst some get into my inbox. This one just pissed me off tonight and I'm thinking, the fact that the whole world knows about it now, isn't that their cue to device new fraudulent strategies or better still get a fracking job!!!!

Fabulo-la said...

Ok I havent seen this Sony commercial yet, and Im already tired of hearing about it...
As for that email...
you should reply Ohi-warreva-his-name-is and tell him to go jump off eko bridge..lool

Fabulo-la said...

Sooo...I just saw the sony commercial..and LMAO!
That ish cracked me up!

I didnt feel anyhow sha...
My own that 419 or no 419..My own Nigeria shall be different.

Dark Neo said...

sony advert ... funny right ... I laughed my ass of!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Next of kin for sale! These guys can be very stupid. In my good moods i usually reply such mails with "Nkita rachaa gi anya".

Invisible said...

lol. I'm not mad at Sony for the PS3 ad. I actually think it's funny.
Yep, I'm back o. I deserted blogsville but I'm back.
Yours in Apology

Anonymous said...

i wasnt really pissed about the sony.
but the district nine was thrash!!
i mean what exactly did they say in district nine that was true?id like to know.that we eat people?that we are savage? like to know.

NaijaBabe said...

Lol- leggy.
When I said "the guy", I meant the one in the commercial.

juiceegal said...

Hey im lovin dis ur new layout...hope im nt stale
U're right u know.....we actually deserve d bad publicity..but den think bout it, no matter hw bad a child is, d parents wld always defend d child in public..well dat says it all dsnt it.

Lyrics99 said...

Wow!!! Sister,i am so feeling you on this one. What the hell is so annoying about that sony advert when there are tons of more annoying issues annoying the average Nigerian. ..