My little 4 year old started schooooollll!!!!
I was excited
I was excited for him
I was too excited for him

I was excited to get him dressed in his uniform!!
Yes uniform...
I was excited to go shopping for his uniform!!!!
I love uniforms...I hate schools that dont wear uniforms
I proudly wore mine

But I couldnt go with him to school cos I had to work. But we took loads of pictures and he got tired of taking pictures. He's back home now and knackered...HAHA...good thing about school is, it wears you out. Now I dont have a problem sending them to bed at 7:30..YEAH!!!

*Victory dance*


PS...I got some mails about my last post...apparently it scared some people, well erm such is life. We never know what it brings our way do we?

I know I've been away (yet again), pardon me..Ive been dealing with too many things.

Oh and the little boy is my nephew- don't I wish he was mine, with the way he looked cute this morning??

6 Cogitations:

chayoma said...

the little ones always bring joy to our lives :)

Sir Scribbles II said...

awwww..aren't you d model aunty. Abeg shey u get notes and handouts cos I will soon post my lil cousins to Zimbabwe.

UnderCover07 said...

It's just a delight to watch them grow up!!!

Congrats...dnt worry u'll have ur own...lol

Anonymous said...

lol...cute little kids.sigh.

BSNC said...

thats cutee. your own is coming oo..

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

you own too will come