Talking to a another faceless friend
I began to lament
I wanted to be a child again
These responsibilities are overwhelming
Too daunting
Am I going to cope?
He said, it's life, deal with it
I said it's not fair, I feel a knife somewhere carving out who I'm meant to be
He said well, it'll just carve out a hollow space
A space I'm supposed to fill
How do I know I can do a good job of it?
I don't think I can
Every single day sees the birth of a new task, a new duty
I see a child on the street and I smile. Does that automatically bestow good traits of motherhood on me?
That's just one of the many responsibilities
The very many
How do I even know I'll have them.
How does the future automatically make these decisions
It shouldn't be so
I can't do this

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11 Cogitations:

Fabulo-la said...

I know you are muslim, but there is a passage that says...in all things we are more than conquerors.
We dont know tomoro.
All we can do is trust God.

I hope so o..cause me sef Im lost!

Oh btw..happy holiday!..Iono what holiday..forgive me...:)

wellsbaba said...

my dear i also share your fears at times i want to be a kid again an escape all these mounting responsibilities but that is so not possible and all i can do is to either face them or fail.... courage is defined as ACTING in the face of fear.... JUST DO IT! NIKE

Anonymous said...

yeah agree with fabulola trust in God.

Tigeress said...

ah-ha kilode? what has brought these unecessary fear(s)?

HYAW said...

sounds like you are in a real fix here. the emotions were well conveyed. wish there was a way i cold help. keep your chin up, joy comes in the morning

sunnyside said...

I want to be a kid again. . . Not everytime though there are i want to grow older. .

I think atimes all we need is rest. .
Take a break if d load seems so heavy. . . . slow and steady wins d race. . .

Anonymous said...

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